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CompTIA Network certification

Question No: 431 – (Topic 4)

Karen, a network technician, is troubleshooting in a wiring closet in 2011. The cabling to all the equipment does not match the documentation from 2007. Which of the following configuration management methods has been overlooked?

  1. Change management

  2. System logs

  3. Asset management

  4. Baselining

Answer: A

Question No: 432 – (Topic 4)

Which of the following would be used to identify terminations in a punch block for which the wiring diagram has been lost?

  1. OTDR

  2. Protocol analyzer

  3. Toner probe

  4. TDR

Answer: C

Question No: 433 – (Topic 4)

Which of the following would be used to check whether a DoS attack is taking place from a specific remote subnet?

  1. Syslog files

  2. Honeypot

  3. Network sniffer

  4. tracert

Answer: C

Question No: 434 – (Topic 4)

Users have reported choppy audio in phone conversations since the implementation of SIP phones on the network. Which of the following should be implemented to alleviate the delays?

  1. Caching

  2. VoIP

  3. QoS

  4. SMTP

Answer: C

Question No: 435 – (Topic 4)

After installing new cabling, Karen, a technician, notices that several computers are connecting to network resources very slowly. Which of the following tools would BEST help in determining if the new cabling is the cause of the problem?

  1. Multimeter

  2. Cable certifier

  3. Cable tester

  4. Toner probe

Answer: B

Question No: 436 – (Topic 4)

An administrator would like to decrease the load time of common websites that employees review daily. Which of the following can be installed?

  1. Load balancing

  2. VPN concentrator

  3. Caching server

  4. Fault tolerance

Answer: C

Question No: 437 – (Topic 4)

Kim and Zach, attackers, use which of the following network scanners to see the protocols

that are being used? (Select TWO).

  1. IDS

  2. Packet sniffer

  3. Port scanners

  4. Malware scanner

  5. Ping sweep

Answer: B,C

Question No: 438 – (Topic 4)

A large company has experienced Internet slowdowns as users have increased their use of the Internet. Which of the following can the Network Administrator use to determine the amount of bandwidth used by type of application?

  1. Network maps

  2. Traffic analysis

  3. Syslog

  4. ICMP

Answer: B

Question No: 439 – (Topic 4)

Which of the following would Sandy, a technician, find in a network map?

  1. QoS standards

  2. MDF/IDFs

  3. System logs

  4. Firewall rules

Answer: B

Question No: 440 – (Topic 4)

Lisa, a technician, is asked to install a wireless router in a company’s public caf茅 area. The company wants the public to be able to connect to the wireless network with minimal security, but not be able to connect to the private internal network. Which of the following

firewall rules would BEST accomplish this?

  1. Content filtering on the wireless access point

  2. Allow traffic from the wireless access point

  3. Block traffic from the wireless access point

  4. Packet filtering on the wireless access point

Answer: C

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