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UCSInvicta Systems Engineer Exam

Question No: 31

Which two common situations that kill a VDI user experience can Cisco UCS Invicta address?

  1. Windows patching and Systems Center performance

  2. CPU-intensive calculationstorms and antivirus scanning

  3. Antivirus scanning and rapid deployment expansion

  4. Ray-tracing in CAD/CAM applications and Phong shading in graphics rendering

  5. TCP window size negotiation and TCP slow-start

Answer: A,B

Question No: 32

Which RAID level does Cisco UCS Invicta utilize?

  1. RAID 0

  2. RAID 1

  3. RAID 5

  4. RAID 6

  5. Cisco UCS Invicta does not use RAID

Answer: D

Question No: 33

Which management platform does Cisco envision as the centralized control point for the data center that includes Cisco UCS Invicta?

  1. Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

  2. Cisco UCS Manager

  3. Cisco UCS Central

  4. Cisco UCS Director

  5. Data Center Network Manager

Answer: D

Question No: 34

Which four size drives are available for the Cisco UCS Invicta? (Choose four.)

  1. 240 GB

  2. 120 GB

  3. 140 GB

  4. 220 GB

  5. 440 GB

  6. 480 GB

  7. 960 GB

Answer: A,B,F,G

Question No: 35

Which option is a characteristic of the ring buffer?

  1. It leverages a LIFO queue.

  2. It needs to be flushed with every write because a power outage results in data loss.

  3. It serves as a front-end cache to speed up data access.

  4. It requires users to customize several tuning parameters in the Cisco UCS Invicta management GUI tooptimize its performance.

  5. A small portion of each SSD is allocated to provide persistent storage to support the ring buffer.

  6. It is backed up with a super capacitor.

Answer: F

Question No: 36

How many PCIe slots are available in the Cisco UCS Invicta appliance for additional 10 cards?

  1. 2

  2. 0

  3. 1

  4. 3

  5. 4

  6. 5

Answer: F

Question No: 37

Which option is a characteristic of the hardware configuration of a Cisco UCS Invicta scaling system node in a scaling system?

  1. The storage node is equipped with a RAID controller but the storage router is not.

  2. The storage router and the storage node are equipped with ring buffers.

  3. The storage node has the exact same hardware configuration as a storage router.

  4. The storage node requires a hardware upgrade before the deduplication feature can be enabled because the deduplication feature is more resource intensive.

Answer: A

Question No: 38

Which option describes how Cisco solves the scaling solution problem that is associated with existing flash drive architectures?

  1. Each Cisco UCS Invicta appliance and scaling system node has a dedicated Fibre Channel interface.

  2. Each Cisco UCS Invicta appliance and scaling system node has a dedicated router.

  3. Each Cisco UCS Invicta appliance and scaling system node has a dedicated controller.

  4. Each Cisco UCS Invicta appliance and scaling system node has a dedicated management node.

Answer: B Explanation:

The router allows to scale up storage nodes and have them connected with the needed servers.

Question No: 39

Which option lists the system functions that are included in the scaling system router?

  1. Node management, mirroring, and replication

  2. Flash management, error correction, and power fail data protection

  3. Node management, thin provisioning, and deduplication

  4. Snapshots, thin provisioning, and deduplication

  5. Node management, mirroring, and snapshots

Answer: A

Question No: 40

Which option describes the ring buffer and how it is used?

  1. The ring buffer is a PCIe card with non-volatile RAM. When data writes are in the ring buffer, the write is acknowledged immediately. The block translation layer then organizes the data before it is written to the SSD.

  2. Each SSD is divided into many ring buffers, which represent the locations where data is stored on the SSD.

  3. The ring buffer is a circular software storage construct, used to simulate the behavior of a track on a hard disk drive.

  4. The ring buffer is where writes are queued before being written to disk. To protect against data loss, each write to the ring buffer is captured in a log file located on a persistent storage device.

Answer: D

Explanation: Eventhoughthe Ring Buffer does correspond to NVRAM in Cisco UCS Invicta, the write is not acknowledge immediately but queued and thenwritten, this is in order to protectagainstdata loss.

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