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UCSInvictefor Field Engineers

Question No: 11

For which option does Cisco UCS Invicta provide a virtual IP address?

  1. VIPs are not supported.

  2. For NFS shares

  3. For iSCSI targets

  4. For management interface

Answer: D

Question No: 12

Which three options are three business objectives of Cisco UCS Invicta? (Choose three.)

  1. ITIL certification

  2. Data center efficiency

  3. Data reduction

  4. Workload acceleration

  5. High-capacity storage

  6. Low purchase price

Answer: B,C,D


Question No: 13

Which two options are two characteristics of Hadoop? (Choose two.)

  1. It relies on complex star schema designs to efficiently handle decision support queries.

  2. It relies on distributed parallel processing.

  3. It is a very large OLTP database engine.

  4. It relies on a few very expensive compute platforms.

  5. It is a single appliance that integrates both software and hardware.

  6. It is an open source, batch data processing system.

Answer: B,F

Question No: 14

With how many physical SSDs can customers order Cisco UCS Invicta v5.0 appliances?

  1. 12 or 24

  2. 12

C. 6, 12, or 24

D. 6, 12, 18, or 24

  1. 22

  2. 24

Answer: F

Question No: 15

Which option is the approximate latency of the Cisco UCS Invicta appliance in application- acceleration mode?

  1. 100 milliseconds

  2. 1 microsecond

  3. 100 nanoseconds

  4. 100 microseconds

  5. 1 millisecond

  6. 1 second

Answer: D

Question No: 16

Which two options are two changing dynamics of the storage market? (Choose two.)

  1. Performance-optimized hard drives have negative growth.

  2. Capacity-optimized hard drives have essentially flat-line growth.

  3. The market size for 1/O-intensive flash is expected to surpass that of performance optimized hard drives by the end of 2015.

  4. Capacity-optimized hard drives have negative growth

  5. Performance-optimized hard drives have essentially flat-line growth

  6. I/O-intensive flash has better growth than either capacity-optimized or performance- optimized hard drives.

Answer: A,F

Question No: 17

How does Cisco UCS Invicta v5x provide scalability?

  1. Scale up

  2. Scale out

  3. Scale up/scale out

  4. Only half of the drive bays are populated when shipped by Cisco, allowing the customer to purchase additional drives to expand capacity when needed.

  5. Scale down

    Answer: C

    Question No: 18

    What is the correct order of steps when configuring asynchronous replication?

    1. Set up replication schedule

    2. Set up pairing and ensure communication

    3. Perform a restore to either a new LUN/NFS or overwrite the source data

    4. Ensure that source and target devices can communicate

      A. #4, #2, #1, #3

      B. #1, #4, #2, #3

      C. #l, #2, #4, #3

      D. #2, #1, #4, #3

      E. #2, #1, #3, #4

      F. #4, #1, #2, #3

      Answer: A

      Question No: 19

      Which two characteristics greatly affect the number IOPS generated when a user logs in? (Choose two.)

      1. Size of the user#39;s data store

      2. The size of the network connection between the compute farm and the storage devices

      3. The set up of the Windows user profile

      4. The length of the operating system boot time

      5. The number and delivery mechanism of startup applications

      6. The clock rate of the CPU running the virtual desktop instances

Answer: D,E

Question No: 20

In the Cisco UCS Invicta Scaling Solution, which three pieces of information does the Physical Space tool provide? (Choose three.)

  1. Cache hit ratio

  2. Available space on volume

  3. Application performance metrics

  4. Scaling solution node size

  5. Volume size

  6. Data reduction savings

Answer: C,D,F

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